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Hello World

During my normal work day I spend quite some time reading coding related blog posts and skimming through questions on Stackoverflow (and - if time permits - answering some R or shiny related questions).

When I learn about a new topic or technique it can happen that I jump from one article to another (and more often than not get side-tracked by yet another topic 🤦️). In one of those scavenger hunts I ended up reading on Blogdown and a quote was catching my attention:

If you don’t have a website nowadays, you don’t exist.

Being utterly exaggerated, there is a grain of truth in it. I used to have a website since my early days at university, but never really bothered to keep it updated or even remotely interesting. Maybe it was due to a lack of imagination of which content I could possibly produce, which is of any interest.

However, in my professional life I gained quite some knowledge about R and related eco systems (such as shiny or lately – to a much smaller degree – Javascript). Maybe this is the content I was looking for? If I just had a system to easily post code snippets…

Wait a minute, did I not just read about blogdown? Very well, so here my journey starts. I try to post code snippets or interesting solutions, libraries or challenges I see in my day-to-day life with the hope that they may help somebody, like the many posts I read so far helped me.

The last thing left is to produce the ubiquitous Hello World snippet (maybe in a nerdier way then usual):

hello_world <- c(8L, 31L, 38L, 38L, 41L, 53L, 23L, 41L, 44L, 38L, 30L, 54L)
print(paste(c(LETTERS, letters, " ", "!")[hello_world], collapse = ""))
## [1] "Hello World!"

P.S. Of course I did not start to count the letters by hand, but cheated a bit and actually created the indices by:

match(strsplit("Hello World!", "")[[1]], c(LETTERS, letters, " ", "!"))

P.P.S. To spice up things a bit I may also share some cooking related posts from time to time in case you get hungry in between your coding sessions. Also here a Hello World:

Curry Eggplants

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